• Manual and automated testing of infrastructure or application. Source code review. Forensic analysis. Training and labs. Blog and forum. Secure software development.
  • Security audit
    Security audit
    Data and assets are protected and in line with corporate policies
  • Crime investigation
    Crime investigation
    Criminal investigation based on modern computer forensic sience
  • Malware detection
    Malware detection
    We use malware removal tool and anti-virus software for full system scan
  • Secure data transit and storage
    Secure data transit and storage
    Custom database design and development of content management system
  • Web application penetration testing
    Web application penetration testing
    Discover vulnerabilities before hackers attack
We detect and remove most malware
We offer data conversion and encryption
We go over compliance details before the QSA steps through the door
We provide assessments of network security, data safety, access control
We offer experience with most modern software environment and frameworks
We discover unknown and exploitable exposures to normal business processes
We investigate hackers exploit technics
Security testing of mobile applications
We implement secure programming technics