Our services

We aim to help technology driven companies to achieve and gain advantage in cyber space. Our experience covers various areas from marketing to reverse engineering.

The following scenarios would be our normal workflow:

    Your competitor tries to copycat you, undercut your prices, damage your brand or attack you with DDoS
    You have got digital assets needed to be protected and you would like third party to assess your system on vulnerabilities
    You are publishing software and would like third party security testing
    You would like penetration testing on your public/internal web application
    You need infrastructure testing
    You are having difficulty with software upgrade due to customization
    You would like to achieve better market position by optimizing your workflow
    You are planning to monitor suspicious activities with immediate action
    Your website has been hijacked and you would like to minimize damage
    We can offer only ethical services due to our strict policies and won’t consider any work related to espionage, reputation damage, dodgy business practices

Please browse through site and if you have a job to do and task to achieve please feel free to contact us

Code review and analysis

Crime investigation

Security assessment

Mobile Device Management

Malware detection

Data handling & encryption

Pre-audit assessment

Software development

Web application penetration testing